Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Upcoming numbers

I don’t pay much attention to numbers, but all of a sudden some significant numbers are showing up in my world. 

As I finished this latest quilt top and entered it on to the spreadsheet that keeps track of my quilts I realized I was almost at an important milestone.  I started keeping track a few years ago to get my UFOs under control.  While making up the list of UnFinished Objects I decided it would be a good time to make a list of ALL of my quilts, finished or not. 
It took a bit of work, lots of research in photo albums, on hard drives, in class lists and everywhere else I had any records of my quilting. Ever since I started that list I’ve done OK at keeping track of my quilts, when I started them, when I finished them and where they are. 

At the beginning of this year I started sharing my history in photos on my web site, at least the photos I have.  As of the end of July I’ve shared up to quilt #291, a miniature Speedy Strips made of Christmas fabrics. 
The quilt I finished the top of today is quilt number 496, just four away from 500. 

The other significant number is 65 but I’m not talking about that one!


  1. Congratulations. I have no idea of how many quilts I've made and who I gave them to. I could resurrect 5 years worth of info if I got motivated but I think I'd rather quilt.

  2. It was hard recreating the history, and every time I think I have it right, someone or something reminds me of another quilt I made many years ago. Just a few weeks ago I got a letter from a gal I made a baby quilt for back in 1980, she was telling me that that baby just had a baby of her own. And I had to add that quilt to the list, even though I can’t remember what I made, LOL!

  3. That is a mighty impressive accomplishment. And don't worry about that 65 one. Been there, done that and it didn't hurt a bit.

  4. It never occurred to me to count them! I am very impressed.

    My first bed-size quilt attempt from my youth remains a UFO in a storage trunk. I should toss it, poly-cotton fabric and not a project I have any interest in anymore.

    - Mary


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