Thursday, February 16, 2012


I forgot how hard it is to properly put together a quilt backing.  First you have to find the fabric you want to use.  Then you have to measure the quilt and make sure you have enough backing.  I always have to triple check because I’m famous for not sending enough backing to the long arm quilters.  And if you are like me, you pick two that there isn't quite enough of before you find one that works.  Before you can even start to sew you have to iron… and ironing those long long pieces is as bad as ironing sheets… and who irons sheets anymore?  (If you do I don’t want to hear from you!) 

Then you finally get to sew them all together … and sewing long long 90 some inches of just sewing is boring.  I think I’d rather make ten quilt blocks than sew those long long pieces.  And if your quilt is too wide or the backing too skinny you have to sew two of those long long seams.  

And then, well then you get to iron them again because they always wrinkle on the machine and you have to press down the seam allowance.  And when that’s all done and over with you’re too tired to do any more sewing for the day… or at least I was!

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  1. I can remember having ironed sheets in college -- probably just the first year. But, oooh they were so nice! And I agree with all of these thoughts on finding, ironing, sewing... boring backings.. but I usually get motivated because I just have quilting to do and binding... ie I am closer to a finish!


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