Wednesday, February 08, 2012

"Did you forget something?"

"Did you forget something?"
That was the subject line in an email I got this morning.  When I opened it, it was blank.  But since it came from Kathy, I was pretty sure I knew what she meant and sure enough, I'd forgotten to blog yesterday!  Whoops!

Bigger whoops if you knew I was on the computer a good part of the day yesterday.  I’ve been working on the last few BOMs web pages for the 2011 Sampler.  Let me explain, I had all the blocks picked out, and did the word instructions and diagrams as I made each block.  Then I ran out of my B&W fabric and didn’t want to go buy any more.  (I’m trying hard to use what I have and not buy any more.) 

So I made my sampler sample, had it quilted and put the binding on and declared it finished.  However, the diagram on line shows 16 blocks and I had 15 picked out, I just stopped at 12.  In my head it was done.  Then January rolls around and I started my 2012 projects and quite a few people ask me about the rest of the blocks for the 2011 Sampler. 

I checked my files and I had blocks #13 and 14 completely finished, word and web page and I even had made sample blocks.  But #15 I had nothing except the EQ diagram of the block and there was no #16.  So yesterday I made block #16 and did the web page, it’s now ready to go on line.  Block #15… not so ready.  It’s a tricky one to diagram, and I want to be sure of my directions, so I’m going to make another sample and then it will be ready. 

And in all that I forgot to Blog.  And someone else reminded me I hadn’t posted on Facebook lately.  Hmmmm sorry about that.  So today I checked in there…  again changes and I’m not sure about some of them.  But I was on, I even posted something to prove it, LOL!  Now back to the important stuff, sewing!

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