Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Emails, some good and some well I’ll just say interesting….. 

First I got an email from Becky and Tom, friends I had not heard from in a while.  Becky said that Tom said to tell me that two of the quilts on my UFO list he was pretty sure I’d donated to them a long time ago.  That is good news!  That’s two off MY UFO list, and two that were donated to CHIP… Children’s Hospital in Phila.  Thanks Tom and just for that I’m sending you two more of my UFOs, LOL!

After that email I decided to go looking for UFOs, how many others are on that list and don’t belong there?  I pulled out six little (baby size) quilts and decided I just didn’t want to finish them, so I’m donating them.  Two will go to CHIP through Tom and Becky and four to other charities on my list.  One quilt on the list I was pretty sure I finished, I remember showing it… but I can’t find it, done or not and I don’t have any photos.  So I’m listing it as Missing… until I clean out my quilt closet. 

When I finally got back to the computer I had an interesting advertisement.  “Get a CHI flat iron for $59.99”  I’ve been looking for a nice flat iron, something with no holes but that’s lightweight, so I decided to look at this one… how disappointing. 

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