Monday, February 20, 2012

Quilters block

I think I might have it… quilters block…. I just can’t get motivated to sew.  I went up to the sewing room and found myself…. cleaning…. shudder.  Since when would I rather clean than sew?  Never in my recollection, there must seriously be something wrong with me.  It might have something to do with the piles of finished quilts on the cutting table, most of them waiting to be taken to the retreat for delivery to charities there.  Or the pile of scraps, squares and orphan blocks, also waiting for the retreat, since I’ve decided to make those my project that week… 

When I was sort of done that cleaning thing I sat down and went through my mystery files, trying to decide which future mystery I wanted to make the sample for next… to many to choose from so I didn’t pick any. 

Then I looked at my UFO list, most of them need quilting and I don’t want to quilt and the one that slightly interested me I couldn’t find.

Maybe I should clean some more?


  1. when i clean up the sewing space, it always leads to sewing; that's what i do when i don't feel motivated so maybe it will help

  2. Awwww. I find if I work really hard in the studio for several days I usually don't feel like working on anything for awhile. No fun. You'll get back in the groove at some point -- hopefully sooner than later!


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