Thursday, February 02, 2012

Rainy Thursday

I forgot to mention one very important bit of news yesterday.  My mother-in-law Arden who went into the hospital on November 22 for outpatient knee surgery finally came home.  It’s been a long difficult emotional recovery, but she did it and is home where she belongs.  She even cooked dinner for her and Pop last night.

I didn’t get to see her, I haven’t yet, because of this horrible cough I have.  I was worried I might pass it along to her, and even though I’ve been on meds I didn’t want to risk it.  When I want to the Doctor again yesterday… don’t ask… he said that under the circumstances it may have been a wise decision on my part.   

And I finally have a medicine that is controlling my cough.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is, it controls me totally.  I took the first dose before I went to bed last night and slept from 10 to 9:30 this morning.  Then I got up and took another does and fell asleep in my chair doing a binding.  I woke up and went to bed around 1 and John woke me up when he got home from work.  I’m not sure which is worse, coughing all day and night or sleeping, but right now I’m enjoying the sleeping!


  1. We just planted a camellia this fall. And, pick those buds/flowers. You will get lots more flowers if you pick them. Or so my grandmother said when as a 5 year old I picked camellias to give to each of her party guests one year! She was a perfect grandma!

  2. hope you are better soon marge; took the better part of 2 weeks for me to get over nasty sinus/upper respiratory thingie.


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