Saturday, February 25, 2012

Service interruption

Yesterday I had a busy sewing day until the unfortunate passing of another iron. I’m not sure how long I’ve had this one but am sure it’s been four or five years. I do know that I really liked it. I may not have when I first got it, you know that adjustment period we have to go through. But I soon learned it’s on and off schedule and knew how it worked dry and/or wet. And then … sigh… it stopped heating. 

Well no big loss, I paid about $6 for it and I think I can afford another one.

I had a busy sewing day, maybe I wore the poor thing out. The night before I had taken the pile of triangle squares that were all darks and separated them. Yesterday morning I cut some tan-on-tan squares, then cut those into triangles, and then paired them up with the dark triangles, making half dark and half light triangle squares. Then I sewed those all into pairs, then into pinwheel squares. And then I sewed them into eight rows.

I had joined and pressed the first two rows, and added another row and went to press it when I discovered the iron’s demise.

So I closed down the sewing room and came downstairs, only to realize that a storm was brewing, thunder and lightning off in the distance… I sat down to post and there was no internet. I reset the modem and router, still no service.

I’ll admit, it was hard going to bed without checking email one more time, but I managed. When I got up this morning I rushed right in… to get my cup of coffee… bet you thought I was going to check email, LOL! Well that came second. And still no internet. Then I remembered I could check email on my cell phone… DUH me. So I checked, tried to make a few replies although I’m still not sure they went through.

Then I pulled a retreat iron out of the retreat box and headed back upstairs. I ironed and sewed and ironed until the top was finished.

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