Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Yesterday I tackled my friends UFOs again.  Why?  I really don’t know why, I have plenty of my own UFOs, but this lady keeps sending me boxes of her UFOs, blocks, scraps, and even partially made quilts.  Yesterday I used up the pioneer braid strips she made into two little lap quilts, no photo yet but I’ll get one later.  When I finished those I opened up the box and the next thing in her pile were some scraps and W-O-Ws which had already been sewn into rows.  So all I had to do was sew the rows together into a quilt, taadaaa. 

This is on top of a queen size bed, and it hangs down a bit on each side, but very little below the end of the bed.  Nice size I think once borders are added.

Here is another one of her UFOs I finished, pineapple blocks which she started and sent to me to finish.  This one also is a nice size, and will certainly be lovely when finished. 

Now here is my predicament.  I could get them finished and then sell them to raise money for my charities, although finished quilts really aren’t making a lot of money these days.  However that takes money, and my long arm quilting budget is zero right now, no money at all in the budget for quilting.  And I’m wondering, how are tops selling?  I know for a while people were paying nice money for finished tops… I wonder if that’s still true.  I could sell these two tops and get some money in my quilting budget and get some serious quilting done.

What to do what to do… 


  1. have no idea how tops are selling, but these are gorgeous scrappy tops, marge

  2. Marge if you aren't in a hurry I could quilt one of these for charity. I've got several backed up right now so wait a month or so and then check with me on one if you want. B.


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