Thursday, February 23, 2012

Today’s progress

Remember that stack of triangle squares from yesterday, the ones I was sewing into pairs?  This morning I finished pairing them, and this was what the pile looked like when they were all done. 

Next step was to sew the pairs together into pinwheel blocks, and that is what I did today.  I now have 48 eleven inch pinwheels… not quite enough to make a large quilt and that’s what I’ve decided to do with these. 

There were a few, two dozen or so, triangle squares that were either two lights or two darks and didn’t fit my pattern.  So tonight’s job will be to carefully separate them, very carefully since they are bias.  Tomorrow I will cut some of my own fabrics to supplement what is needed, I think it will be lights, and make some more pinwheel blocks.  My goal is a very large queen size totally scrappy pinwheel quilt…. I hope!

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