Monday, February 13, 2012

Odd email

In December while we were in Florida I got an email from a lady saying that all of my blocks were old and nothing new, so why was I bothering to publish them.  I replied to her something like because there are always new quilters who don’t know what is old and what is new.  Honestly, that was the best thing I could think of at the time, and since I was on vacation I didn’t want to stress over it and I didn’t. 

I know that not all of my blocks and/or quilts are originals.  Heck, most of them aren’t.  But maybe, just maybe, my way of making them will be easier for someone than someone else’s directions are.  That is why I do what I do. 

Today I opened up the most recent Love of Quilting magazine from Fons and Porter.  I sure hope the lady that sent me that email doesn’t read their magazine… in this issue are some really old blocks and/or quilts. 

Churn Dash by Liz Porter, old as the hills, but I looked at it and read it over, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I’ve made Churn Dash quilts, and I’ve done Churn Dash blocks but I still enjoyed reading the article and looking over the directions.  A new quilter probably would be able to do that easily, and I am pretty sure some new quilters must purchase that magazine.

I also got a good giggle over their articles on Triangle-Squares.  What was funny… just the name.  Not Diagonal Half Squares as I like to call them or Half Square Triangles as other people call them, just plain triangle-squares.  I wonder if I can start calling them that without confusing myself and everyone else who does any of my BOMs or patterns.  There are a few good points for new quilters on those pages too.

And another oldie, Bow Ties!  Oh I sure hope the lady that sent me that email doesn’t read this issue, surely she will complain to the publishers if she did. And if she didn’t, she’s missing out on some good stuff!

In the quilting world everything is new to someone and even the newest is old stuff to someone else, I guarantee it!

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  1. Marge I have said for years that all the newer quilt magazines were just old designs done in new colors and quilted differently. If you know anything at all about quilt history you know that quilting is an old art and the designs were based on geometry. There are only so many geometric possiblities. Keep up the good work. Chris


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