Wednesday, February 29, 2012

To a survivor, every day as one more day!

What would you do with one extra day?

That seems to be the question of the day, wonder why?  Surely not because February 29th only comes around every four years.  One extra day is more important than February 29th. 
Think of all the people who are fighting or have fought cancer, the survivors.. to them every day is that one more day.  To them every sunrise and sunset is one more, every hug is one more, every everything is just one more, because they are survivors. 

Don’t waste February 29th thinking it is an extra day this year, do every day like it is one more day, like the cancer survivors of the world do.

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  1. If I had one more day... Having lost hubby last year I wish we had had one more day. I would have spent more time expressing feelings and sharing memories and having him connect with the kids one more time. Then I would wish for one more "one more day".


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