Wednesday, February 01, 2012

About my flowers

Several people have asked about my pink flowers I showed the other day.  That is a Camellia.  While driving around one winter I noticed a tree blooming in February.  I had to turn around and look at it and soon found out what it was.  I had to have one, something that blossomed in the winter! 

I don’t remember where we bought that one, but it’s been in our yard for about five or six years now, maybe a little longer.  It normally blossoms in February or March but this year in January.  Well it has a few blossoms on it, and is loaded with buds.  I can see it from my recliner, so will not miss one of the lovely flowers. 

I actually got two more Camellias for my birthday from Cheri.  She brought me an April Dawn Camellia, pink with white edges and a Winter Showman Camellia, a delicate white.  I can’t wait to see them bloom, but will probably have to wait a year or so, they’re still small.  (And I have to protect them from the neighbors escaping goat too…grrrr….)

As for my daffodils, I have thousands around the yard, and most of them are up and many of them are budding.  I’m hoping a cold snap doesn’t kill the flowers.  Then again, I’ve had daffodils blooming in snow before, they are a hardy plant. 

The yellow crocuses are early bloomers also, but I’ve never had flowers in January before.  I can’t wait for the purple ones to show off their color!

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  1. Anonymous10:04 AM

    This is my first year for the April Dawn Camellia that I have in a pot. Lots of buds and can't wait to see it bloom. It's quite cold outside here in January in Zone 6 but the buds look quite healthy.


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