Tuesday, July 08, 2014

5 days again?

I haven’t posted for 5 whole days again, wow, what’s wrong with me?  NOTHING, honest, NOTHING at all… I just plain forgot to blog. 

However, the last five… well four of five days anyway we had company, and yesterday… I don’t even know what happened to yesterday. 

I last posted on July 3rd, early for the holiday because I wasn’t sure I’d remember to do it on the 4th.  Late that night, well the morning of the 4th actually Mike and Kelly arrived with Grandpup Roscoe.  He was so excited to see us he ran in and jumped on our bed… at 1:45 AM… to let us know they were here. 

Mike and Kelly live in Bethesda MD in a high rise building, so poor Roscoe doesn’t get to just run around off the leash often.  Oh sure there are trips to the dog park, but it’s just not the same as our yard, or the yard of his other Grandpeople, Terry and Merrill.  So when he gets here he’s a little excited, and it doesn’t matter what time of night or day it is. 

On the 4th we had another visitor, Hurricane Arthur.  He wasn’t a bad hurricane, actually brought us some much needed rain, and he left town in a hurry, so some holiday festivities could go on.  But you know us, we’re not into crowds, and I have never liked hearing the fireworks so we watched A Capitol Fourth as we always do.  This year we enjoyed almost all of the performers, especially Frankie Valli, Jordin Sparks, Kermit sang my favorite of his songs, Rainbow Connection, and oh well we loved them all this year.  Of course MY favorite is the 1812 Overture with or without fireworks it’s my favorite piece of music. 

Here's Roscoe looking at those creatures in the back yard  (Chuckie and family)  He really wanted to see them, so he climbed up on the bench.  Of course just as I snapped the picture, he jumped down, LOL!  The arrow points to where the groundhog family resides, and the circle is Roscoe's tail.  

Mike and Kelly spent the whole day on the beach on the 5th so we had Roscoe to ourselves.  John went to a family party (Pop’s 88th birthday!) and Roscoe and I went for a walk, on the leash.  All he wanted to do was go find those animals at the back of our yard (Chuckie and family) so he HAD to be on the leash.  Once he realized he wasn’t going to get closer to the groundhogs he enjoyed exploring the rest of our yard and some of the neighborhood. 

Eventually I got him to sit up there nicely so I could take his picture.  Roscoe is a pound puppy and we've always wondered what breed he is.   They've decided Roscoe is a Swedish Vallhund, sure looks like it to me too.  

Sunday morning they left to go home to Bethesda, and things settled back down to normal again… so normal I forget what we did, and yesterday… OH wait I remember yesterday, I updated my Quilts For Sale page with hopes to sell a few more quilts to raise money for Relay (and to lower my quilt inventory some) 
And now back to normal, whatever normal is these days…. 

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