Wednesday, July 16, 2014


How come I keep forgetting to blog?  What has happened that this important part of me has slipped from my daily routine… I wish I knew. 

However, I honestly have nothing to say right now, LOL!  I’m keeping busy, doing lots of nothing and enjoying every day.  We’ve had more rain, lots more, and things are pretty soggy out there.  I haven’t seen Chuckie and family this week, guess they are hiding from the rain too.  My flowers are blooming away, but it’s too went to go out and take pictures… I really want to show off my lovely Stargazer lily, it must have six blossoms on it.  Maybe if the rain lets up I’ll dash out and get one, if the rain ever lets up that is. 

And the latest mystery will conclude tomorrow, I sure hope everyone likes it.  I plan to make this one myself as a wedding gift for a special couple… as soon as I can get the fabrics I need.  In the meantime there are 42 other quilts I could be working on… if I wanted to…  

Rain let up so I ran out and took a few pictures.  

I wish you could smell them, oh so lovely

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  1. These are just beautiful~ Love the color, and thanks for the photo.


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