Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A few things you may not know….

When you are totally digital and something goes wrong, you lose all contracts with the outside world.  I know this for a fact because it has happened to us.  When I got home from an appointment yesterday we had no internet, TV or telephone.  And since I live in a dead zone and have very poor cell service, I might as well not have a cell phone as backup. 

What do you do?  First you pick up the phone to call the cable company… only you don’t have a phone anymore.  So you call them on your cell phone, and after pushing ten buttons and finally get to a person….. you move your arm and lose the call.  So you call them again from the back yard where you have two bars instead of one and push same ten buttons again and get a different person and start all over again. 

As that person is writing up your service call she explains they will call us to tell let us know when they are coming.  I say they can’t call because I don’t have a phone.  “Can we call your cell phone”, and I explain the dead zone thing and tell her they can leave a message, and when I leave the house I will get the message, or if the gods smile nicely on us that message might come in sometime in the middle of the night.  Maybe. 

So she sets up a service call for the next available date….  August 4th.  “WHAT?” I exclaim, and she says she will see if she can change that and will call us and let us know.  I remind her to call my cell phone and leave a message.  She tells me she has written on my service call to call customers cell #, reads it back to me, and then reads customer has poor cell reception, leave a message. 

I go about my day… need to find somewhere that has Wi-Fi so I can check email since it is retreat payment time and someone might need to know their balance… other than that I don’t really need internet, I can survive.  I open up my lap top to check where locally I can find internet and… no internet.  Well I’ll call around a few places… no phone. 

I read till John gets home for the night, and he informs me that since we have no internet he has to go back to work to finish something important.  So we eat, and he goes back to work….. no hubby. 

I finish my book and go to read the next one in the series, which hasn’t downloaded onto my Kindle yet.  I start a different book.  

This morning I decided to go to McDonald's but from the cars in parking lot, probably too noisy, so I head to the library... which didn't open for another half hour, but I waited.  I need Wi-Fi! 

And a PS…  while here in the Wi-Fi world I check phone messages, and the cable company has called the house phone which doesn’t work and which they should know and left a message that a repair man would call us Wednesday to set up an appointment for some time that day.  

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