Thursday, July 10, 2014

Facebook frustrations

Yes it’s a fun way to keep in touch with people, to know what’s happening in and around you, but…

I don’t watch TV much because of all the violence and trash, and I don’t mean the news either.  I mean the shows themselves and often the commercials.  I do watch the news so I can keep up with the world, I just dread what it shows.  What ever happened to good news? 

And shows, OMG there is hardly anything on worth watching anymore.  Yes I am super sensitive to things, like murder and violence but tell me why that is entertainment. 

And I could give a hoot about who married or divorced who.  Unless it’s immediate family it doesn’t matter to me.  Hollywood news should stay in Hollywood. 

Lately on facebook I’ve seen friends like things that I don’t like, things that disgust me.  I unfollowed those “friends”… in the last month I’ve unfollowed many.

But I can’t give up, if I do I will miss seeing things I do enjoy, watching nieces and nephews families growing up, seeing the new stuff the local quilt shop is getting in, seeing the beautiful photos friends take on their travels, keeping in touch with those friends who I can’t see often, and those I’ve never met at all. 

No I’m not giving up facebook, but I am scanning a lot faster, and unfollowing as needed.


  1. I gave up TV watching a few years ago and I don't miss it at all. I listen to the news on the radio, so I can keep up with the world a little bit and get the weather report. I have a TV and DVD player in my quilt studio and I check out old movies from the library to watch/listen to as I work on my quilts. Your quilts pictured at the top of your blog are lovely. Have a blessed day.

  2. I deactivated my Facebook page . . . I got tired of all the ads, and the postings from the groups that I liked were not coming through, plus then the story broke about how FB was manipulating posts you received and I said "enough is enough". Most of what I did was lurk or play games. . . . and it was eating up way too much time.

    I feel much better since I dumped FB. . . .


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