Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Same or different?

Today’s email brought me an interesting question from a beginner quilter.  She said “On the block page you have two blocks that look the same but have different names.  They are Churn Dash and Double Monkey Wrench, one right on top of the other.  Which is the right name?”

Here’s my reply
“They are actually the same block just different names.  As to why I have them both on myweb page which I’m sure you will wonder…  last month someone asked me for the Churn Dash block directions and I sent her to the Double Monkey Wrench page.  She replied back to me that she needed the Churn Dash.  So I added a Churn Dash page just for her.”

I’ve come to realize that sometimes you need a certain block and maybe you can’t remember every name it has, and believe me some blocks have a lot of names.   I hope to add as many names as I can to each page and then provide links so everyone can find that certain block they are looking for.  

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