Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A typical day in the life of…

I get up in the morning about 7:30 and make my cup of coffee and then sit down to read email and catch up.  After about an hour I get up to go to the bathroom to start my day.  (Wait, how did it get to be 10:00 already?)  In the bathroom I notice the mop and bucket, put there to remind me to mop the kitchen floor.  I get my shower and get dressed and get a text message to check email for an important question.  (Since I’m hosting a mystery and this person is a member of the mystery group I assume the question is about the mystery) 

After answering her question I check email again, might as well since I am on line, right?  Then I get up to go back in the bathroom but take a detour when I notice the hummer feeder is empty.  I make a batch of nectar and go out to fill the front feeder and break it…  So I have to go to the garage and find the spare feeders, last one.  I fill that and put it out and then come in to see how much Amazon is selling the kind I like for.  Hour later I have to “go” and again notice the mop and bucket. 

However as I finish my business I hear the phone ringing (no I don’t take it in there with me).  I rush back in the LR to answer, but that person has hung up, so I call her back.  She asks me if I have a certain fabric, and I think I do, and I tell her I’ll check and call her back.  I go upstairs to the un-air-conditioned room where my fabrics are hidden stored and look.  I find every pink Aunt Grace BUT the one she needs, sorry Kathy.  Then I think of another place I have Aunt Graces, so I look and there is a little less than a FQ which is enough, so I call her back with the good news.  Then I put that in an envelope and rush out to the mailbox. 

Since it isn’t raining and I wanted pictures of my Stargazers while they are still fresh I take a few photos.  After walking the whole yard snapping pictures I come in, and post two to the blog.  Of course I check email while on, but nothing, good.  

While out I noticed the grass is over taking the front garden again, so I go back outside and do some work in there, until my back and head are screaming at me.  I listen to them and come inside, and go straight to the shower… again… and guess what, that mop and bucket are STILL sitting in there. 

I come out of the shower and go in the bedroom for clean clothes, get dressed and then decide I should throw in some laundry.  While sorting I find a receipt I’m sure I haven’t recorded, so I come in to the lap top check… no it wasn’t recorded, I take care of it.  While there, I might as well check email again.  Good thing, another important question that needed to be answered.  That’s all taken care of and I …. Wait what was I doing.  OH yea, laundry.  So I throw in load one and then notice a strange car in my driveway.  Man gets out and comes to the door… I will not answer the door since he’s most likely a salesman, but he doesn’t knock, gets back in the car and drives away.  I look outside on the stoop, he was delivering the new phone books. 

As I am putting it away I notice there’s a pretty big stack of phone books so I go through them.  I toss any older than this year, which fills the recycle bin… there was other stuff in there before I started… so I take it outside.  When I come back in I say to myself what else can I get rid of, and open up another cabinet, tossing stuff we haven’t used and most likely will never use again in a box.  I go in garage and hide put box in my car to take to thrift shop next time I’m out and I find a package of toilet paper I bought a few days ago.  I bring that in and put it in the bathroom closet and notice the mop and bucket …. 
And walk out.
I’ve done enough today and I have a good book to read! 


  1. ROFLOL. . . . .so, is this what I have to look forward to in 13 years when DH says that I should be able to retire from full-time work?! LOL I better start doing double duty on clearing out the clutter and abundance in the basement/craft store or I will never, ever get anything done!!

    Thank you for the chuckles.

  2. Yes, that's what I want to do when I retire!


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