Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I’m back!

Miracles of miracles, the repair man came early, real early if you consider that my original date of service was August 4th. 

This morning while I was sewing… you know, that thing you do when you are not on line, watching TV or yacking on the telephone, my cell phone rang.  It was Bob from Mediacom and he asked what was the problem.  I said I had no service, nothing at all.  Two minutes later he called again and asked me to turn on the TV… TWO minutes and it was all fixed. 

He came in the house to make sure everything was working, and it was, and I thanked him a hundred times.  He laughed and said it was an easy fix, someone had cut our line somehow, most likely the line men working in the neighborhood. (get it?) 

So I checked voice mail, only eleven calls (Cindy I will call you back shortly).  Checked email, only a few hundred, and I think I’ve replied to all as needed.   And facebook… only there is too much to try to catch up on here, but I do see a few recipes I might save for later.

Now what am I going to do… go back to sewing that’s what! 

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