Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Back in business

Laundry business that is.  I haven’t had a dryer since June 21st and believe me the laundry has piled up. 

I don’t have a clothes line and I’ll probably never get one.  My dear husband is a city slicker and he’s afraid the birds might poop on his clothes.  A day or two after the dryer went out I put a small load of his undies out on the drying rack to dry in the fresh air.  I was sure that after he smelled them he’d agree to put up a small line somewhere. 

However one stupid bird had to drop a bomb on a few of John’s t-shirts.  Once I discovered the nasty mess I knew I’d never get that clothes line.  (He’ll never know that I washed undies twice and put them out in the fresh air to dry without any more incidents.. he wouldn't believe me if I told him.)    

Today the repair man was here all of five minutes replacing the bad part and now I am doing laundry…. Clothes first, then towels and sheets.  AND THEN I’m washing some fabrics so I can finish a quilt!


  1. During the summer I only use the solar dryer. It does save a lot of money and the heat we have here, sheets can dry in less than an hour.

    1. I love things dried in the fresh air and sunshine, but that man I'm happily married to does not. And he pays the bills... so


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