Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Today’s funny

I stopped at a local farm stand while out running errands today, good stuff at great prices.  I purchased 5 fresh juicy peaches, yummmm.  When I got home I found only one in the bag.  One was next to the bag on the floor, and the other three….

One was under the car seat on my (drivers) side.  Since I was in the garage and couldn’t get to the other side, I didn’t see the other two. 

I pulled the car out of the garage, walked around and opened up the back door.  I looked under the seat and found one.  Still missing one.

So I looked way under the seat, no peach.  I put my hand under and felt around, surely it had to be there somewhere.  Wait… what’s this, up under the seat stuck in the springs… yep the missing peach.  And not bruised or smushed or anything. 

Was talking to the peach, telling it how happy I was that it didn’t get hurt, stood up, and a man and lady were standing behind my car… wanted to ask me questions about the house next door which is for sale… and boy were they giving me strange looks. 

I explained and they laughed and he asked me a few questions… the wife kept giggling.  
I think they’d make nice neighbors, especially her!  

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