Sunday, June 19, 2011


Today I came close to winning the lottery.  Let me explain, I normally don’t play.  However I recently found my Father’s wallet which was given to me at the hospital when he passed away nine years ago.  I remember going through it looking for anything important, destroying his one and only credit card.  The only other thing in it was $30 something in cash.  I stuck the wallet in a drawer and forgot about it. 

A few weeks ago I found it again and decided it was time to spend Dad’s last money.  I decided I would buy four lottery tickets for every Powerball drawing until the money was gone.  Any little winnings would go back to buying more tickets. 

The first week I won $13, so I bought more tickets.  Then I won another $7 and bought more tickets. 

Today on Father’s Day I had five winning numbers!  According to the Powerball web site, five numbers would win $200,000. 

What a pity the five numbers are spread out over all four tickets!

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