Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another Mufasa day

At 5AM Tuesday morning Mufasa wanted to do laundry… or at least he wanted to get in the laundry closet.  He clawed and clawed until he woke me up and I chased him away.  He was back at it as soon as I went back to sleep, so I gave up and opened the door… he inspected then wandered off.  Later I realized the wind probably was blowing against the vent, making a noise he had to check on…. Or so I thought. 

He was good all day long, curled up out here on the porch and watching while I sewed, looking up every time I moved from machine to ironing board until he had the routine down and fell asleep.  He greeted John happily when he came home from work, and then again every time John went and out.  (I think he’s planning his escape) 

I got some sewing done, and some writing.. I’m working on the retreats project, something I think the ladies will like, fun and easy.  I had an idea for one of my own samples and got busy working on that too. 
First photo taken with new phone, not great but OK. 
Later in the evening John was watching TV and Mufasa was too…  sort of.

This morning at 5AM again Mufasa wanted to check the laundry closet…. Note to self… open laundry closet before going to bed every night. 

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