Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Wacky Tuesday

Guess there isn’t a song for that, probably a good thing. My day started off strange and it kept right on that way. AC maintenance man was to be here sometime between 8 and 5 today, and he showed up at 7:35. I was still in the shower, but fortunately John had over slept so he was just leaving the house when the guy showed up.

Little bit of lighthouse work came in this morning’s email, got that done while the guy was here making sure we stayed cool all summer. Then I started another BOM for the new series, got the block done and the pattern written. Was going to make a second block but it was quitting time. 9 hours of work is enough for one day.

Mike came here when he got off work, more serious talking about his future, jobs in the MD/VA area and living over there and lots more. After he left we had dinner and John went to check on Pop and Arden, both are fine.

And now it’s almost Wednesday and I am wide awake… dang prednisone again. Don’t think I will sew though, not that awake!

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