Thursday, June 23, 2011

I just forgot, honest!

Kathy wanted to know what the heck was wrong with me, I’d missed two days in a row.  Why I have no idea, I just forgot to post.  I posted twice on Monday, doesn’t that count for anything? 

Let’s see, what did I do… Tuesday I sewed all day, on my possible BOMs.  OH… this may explain why I forgot to post… I got into a good book on Tuesday night and read it from cover to cover.  It was called Life’s a Beach by Claire Cook, I downloaded it from Barns and Noble. 
Yesterday was a day out of the house.  My sister-in-law was having some dental work done in Dover so I volunteered to drive her.  We left early and the dental work was quick, and she was feeling no pain, so we did some sightseeing.  We went to Port Mahon to see what we could find… not much this time of year, but there was an osprey in her nest with two chicks and Dad was feeding them.  Interesting  and fun to watch.  We did a few other side roads coming south and had a nice time. 

John and I went out to dinner to make up for the lousy lunch we had on our anniversary, TGIF, where we knew there would be food we liked, and we did.  My burger was yummy and I was so full that I couldn’t eat my dessert… neither could John, two pieces of cheese cake in the frig for tonight’s dessert. 

Today I plan to finish sample #2… I have the blocks laid out and have one row finished so I’m getting off of here to finish the rest! Maybe a photo later, maybe not…

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