Monday, June 06, 2011

Monday Monday… so good to me

Monday morning was all I hoped it would be.. ba da, ba da da da (Laughing wildly at word trying to auto correct that… bad a bad a dad a )

Yesterday I finished my sample for the summer mystery and went right to work on a new BOM… Well I did clean up the summer mystery fabrics, taking all the left overs except binding fabrics back upstairs. And while up there I pulled some scraps and little bits to work on samples for a new BOM series.

I’ve had this idea in the back of my head for a while, and for reasons which I can’t quite explain right this minute, I knew I had to start it now. Yesterday while it was still cool I started the first block. This morning I wrote the pattern and made a second block following the pattern.

After some chores I started the second block, made a sample, wrote the pattern and made a second sample. I like the second block even better than first one, although they both are cute.

So now I am moving on to the third block, except I can’t decide which one I want to do next, or which fabric to use with it.

I’m having way too much fun!

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