Friday, June 03, 2011

Yesterday and today

Yesterday.. it wasn’t as hot as it had been the days before, but it wasn’t “normal” either. We had wind gusts all day long, kicking up the dust and pollen.

Yesterday I didn’t sew much, I'm having a flare up. And oddly what I did sew was wrong, so while I relaxed in the recliner last night I was reverse sewing, rip rip rip.

Today it is beautifully cooler, only 62 out there now at almost 9:15AM. It’s so nice out side I have some windows open. Only some because I don’t have the strength to open any more. I have one open here on the porch and am enjoying listening to the birds singing and the wind chimes clanging.

These are pretty chimes, their song is magical.. They are “Music of the Spheres” chimes and their music compliments nature. I love wind chimes, and if I didn’t have neighbors would have them all over my yard. However out of respect to my neighbors, and my husband who doesn’t exactly love them as much as I do, I only have three outside.

Upstairs in the sewing room I have wind chimes hanging in front of the air vent. They are shells and make a very magical ring when the fan blows. Here in my downstairs sewing room a.k.a. the back porch I have five sets of chimes, but only two get to sing. I have a West Minister Chime which gently rings when the AC blows. The other one is solar powered, and will ring after it builds up enough energy to turn the chimer. I wish they were more musical, I’d face them right in the sun. But they are kind of tinny so they face away from the light.

Well I’d best get started on my sewing while I have the energy, maybe by some miracle I can finish this sample today.

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