Saturday, June 04, 2011

Good intentions

I had good intentions when I got up this morning, finish sample 2. I was feeling a little better and was pretty sure I had it in me. However, other things happened which interrupted my day totally.

First, good news, Arden is home from the hospital. Her back surgery was Thursday and I’m amazed she is home already. Nurse Pop is taking care of her nicely. When she came home they wanted help going in the house, but honestly… she didn’t need me. There were prescriptions to be filled, so I was off to the pharmacy to do just that. The pharmacist said it would be about 15 to 20 minutes, but other customers kept interrupting it so it took more than a half hour.

While I was there the realtor called, someone wanted to look at the trailer. I called Mike, he’s in Maryland job interviewing, and asked him how the place looked… typical young male, he said it was fine, except… the bed in the back bedroom wasn’t made and there was a basket of laundry on the dryer.

After delivering the drugs I headed over to the trailer and made the bed, even though the bed spread was still slightly damp (and the dryer full so I couldn’t dry it). I also took a quick sweep of the floor, dusted just a little (needs a lot more) and opened all the blinds.

I came home to sew… but John came in from a Lighthouse trip and we had to catch up. Then I sat down to sew and decided I needed to really clarify something in the pattern, how to sew blocks together, and that needed a new diagram. And diagrams from the wrong side showing all the seam allowances take time… too much time. But I did it and now it’s done and now it’s almost dinner time.

I have one row together.

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