Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another 5AM morning

I really need to figure out why this cat needs to be up at 5AM every morning.  And I really need to find out why he has to get me up with him!  I still have those “Mother of teenage boys ears” and hear everything that creeps around at night.  I most certainly hear Mufasa galloping around the house…. he runs from the office in the back of the house, down the hallway, all around the kitchen into the living room, up the stairs and then does the whole thing in reverse… at TOP speed. 

Fortunately I went back to sleep when his 5AM run was over, and slept until the second round, which was immediately after John left for work at 7AM.  So I was up early for me, went to the grocery store, and now have the rest of the day to sew… if the porch doesn’t get too hot. 

Sandi in CT wanted to know what I was working on…. I can’t reveal that yet, but I think I’m going to call it Duck Hunt… maybe

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  1. As the 'mother ' of many cats - I can tell you that 5:00 is prime hunting time - the small creatures are very active in the pre-dawn and dawn hours... and cats KNOW IT....(even indoor cats) you will not win on this one - best learn to love the morning time! LOL, Kate the Quilting Professor


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