Friday, July 01, 2011


Yes, Friday already, and mine started way to early thanks to a certain kitty.  This morning’s exercises started at 4:30, he did a marathon I think, running all over the house including across our sleeping bodies.  Fortunately he took a nap after the first few laps, and I went right back to sleep. 

Unfortunately he wasn’t finished yet, and at 5:30 he was exploring places he hadn’t visited yet this stay, like the top of our bureaus.  Anything he didn’t think belonged there he took off with a swift knock of the paw… I got up just in time to rescue John’s beeper from flying on to the floor.  Once I convinced Mufasa that there was nothing up there for him to play with, he decided he needed to inspect my closet and scratched on the door until I sprayed him with the water bottle.  I noticed when I was ironing yesterday that either the noise of the spray bottle or the mist spooked him, so it’s become my way of getting back at him.  One spritz and he was out of the bedroom, and I went back to sleep.

When John left for work Mufasa decided I needed to be up, and jumped all over the bed until I was.  So my day started early.  And it looks like I’ll have a helper today.  He can’t decide if he should play with the blocks, or the empty bobbins stacked on the spool pin…. guess better put them away before he does.

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