Sunday, July 31, 2011

Three mornings in a row

The alarm cat has gone off faithfully three mornings in a row now, even though I had planned to sleep in this morning.  He was on the bed in my face at 7:35 this morning, and even though I hit snooze, pushed him off the bed, he didn’t give me five more but jumped right back.
 Unlike the other mornings when John was already long gone from the house, this morning the alarm cat didn’t go back to sleep himself… no he bothered John until he was up also.  Now Mufasa is on hummingbird watch.  He's "hiding" behind the lamp so they don't see him.  Those little birds are smart, most of them realize he can't get them, and just ignore him. 

I’m still not sewing, but oh boy have I gotten a few good ideas to share with the mysteries group and retreaters this fall.  As soon as it cools down some I have two more great ideas to make samples for.  Best of all, these ideas came with patterns already written…. New uses for old patterns!

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