Friday, July 15, 2011

Google problems?

My list of blogs is missing tonight, so I can’t see what everyone else was up to today.

As for myself, I can happily report my mother of the groom dress is pretty much ready for the wedding. Just a tad bit of hand work to do on the shoulders.  I’m loving it!

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  1. You are way ahead of me... I haven't even started looking. But I plan to buy it off the rack at some department store. My problem (which is a good problem from some points of view...) is I'm losing weight. I assume I will continue to do so over the next month or two. But, I need to get going on this little challenge. Not my favorite thing to do either. What's the wedding date? Ours is 9-10-11 -- way easy to remember.

    And, since when did booking the honeymoon become a mom's job? LOL. Ds and fiance did theirs with us giving an opinion that was promptly ignored. LOL. B.


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