Saturday, July 09, 2011

How I spent my Saturday

Well not all of it… but I just spent the last 45 minutes watching Mufasa chase the ring from the top of the milk jug all over the house.  I tossed it to him when I opened the new milk, thinking he might play with it for a few minutes.  Then I sat and laughed myself silly watching him.  He threw it up, caught it, tossed it, chased it, pounced on it, chewed on it, threw it up again and started the cycle all over.  It went from the kitchen to the living room, back into the kitchen, down the hallway and back again. 

I had to stop watching, my sides were hurting from laughing, so I went back to my sewing.  Then the meowing started… he’d lost his toy.  My guess it’s under the frig and it will stay there.  He’ll have to wait till we get another gallon of milk next week for a new toy.

Sorry, no photos, he was moving too fast!


  1. My cat Edgar loves "milk rings" too. When I worked a second job at Starbucks I brought home pockets full for him. Hours & hours of fun.

  2. you are going to miss him something terrible when he goes back to his other home!!


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