Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Do not call?

All of a sudden we have been overwhelmed with spam phone calls. It seems in the last few weeks there has been ten or more every single day. I knew I had put all of our phone numbers on the Do Not Call list, but all of a sudden…

So I checked, and guess what. When I first registered all of our phone numbers back in 2005 it was ONLY for FIVE years! That meant that I had to reregister all those numbers again! And I did just that.

At least now I won’t have to ever do it again, unless we change phone numbers, which I do not plan to do. Do-Not-Call Improvement Act of 2007 guarantees that 30 days after you register you should not receive any phone spam. So I only have to put up with those calls for another 29 days…. I hope.

But there are all those exceptions… politicians can bother us all they want to. Right now I dare any politician to call me, I have a thing or two to tell them. Grrrrrr…

Now, don’t you wish there was a Do Not Email registry to get rid of all the spam we get via email? I sure do!


  1. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Thank you SO much for the heads up - I have noticed we are receiving those calls again and I had no idea why. I have re-registered all our phone numbers and will be waiting those same 29 days with you to stop the garbage. THANK YOU!

  2. Oh come on! You mean you don't need any of those fabulous things they are offering in your inbox?

    Sorry for the sarcasm. I just dumped a bunch of ads for viagra, enlargement products, and hot chicks that want to meet me. Now if there were ads for thread, fabric, or chocolate, that would be a whole different story!

  3. The Do Not Call list is a joke. We get calls all the time. Usually if it is a 800 number I don't bother to answer the phone. When it looks local and I tell them we are on the Do Not Call List, they get nasty. I thought they were supposed to check this list before they called you.


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