Friday, July 15, 2011

Here’s my next project

The wedding is two months away from Sunday, and I have a dress to alter… mine not the brides.  (Some history… the bride had asked me to hem her dress, something I could do.  Then she lost a lot of weight, and the dress needed major alterations, something I could not do so she found someone who could.)

My dress was ordered in late May, and I knew it would need some fixing to make me happy with it.  For one thing it was so long I was walking on it and for another, it was sleeveless.  I have not gone sleeveless for 30 some years.  When I ordered it they said that it would come in sometime in the middle of August. 

The other day they called and my dress was in and I rushed over to pick it up.  Of course I had to try it on, and it was just as I thought it would be, too long and still sleeveless… didn’t they hear me wishing they would put sleeves on? 

So I brought it home and started taking it apart… I found if I took out one of the many tiers in the length, it would be almost perfect.  Then I took the straps apart and this morning I added a small capped sleeve.  Almost perfect, but not good enough.  Those sleeves need the sheer covering to make them the exact same color as the rest of the dress. 

Fortunately the dress came with a sheer jacket… what good is a sheer jacket?  Well it’s good enough to cut up and make sleeves with, so that’s what I am doing today.  (the photo is the sheer jacket, before I cut it up… )

I think I will have my dress ready in plenty of time… whew!

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  1. We alter a lot here, too. Daughter has remarked that is it crazy that they charge full price for half of a dress. It made me laugh.


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