Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sewing progress

Yesterday I decided to take a different path and sewed a quickie quilt for a change.  This was something simple, no pattern, just blocks and an almost instant quilt.  I finished it and now I think I’m going to attempt to quilt it myself.  It’s small enough I shouldn’t have any problems…. but quilting isn’t my favorite thing to do.  I prefer just making the quilts and letting the pros quilt them. 

I’ve had quite a few emails about my summer visitor, Mufasa.  Yes I will admit I will miss him when he is gone, but he isn’t our cat and he belongs with Mike and Kelly.  I understand why they can’t have him now, but am really hoping they will be able to give him a permanent home in September.

He’s been good with listening to us, understand what “NO” means very well, and “DOWN” too.  We’ve trained him that the kitchen table is not his viewing table, and he hasn’t been caught on there in a while.  About the only time he forgets is when John gets home from work, and Mufasa is so excited to see him he jumps up on the table for a pet….  One NO or DOWN and he climbs down into a chair and waits for the petting. 
This is a picture of him this morning while I was chatting with a friend on line.  He’s claimed that table as his viewing table, and lounges on there until something comes along in the yard he needs to check on.  Then he’s off to which ever window gives him the best view of what it is he wants to see. 

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  1. love yesterday's mufasa story. Animals can be so good for us ... sometimes a laugh a minute. Glad you got your quilt done so quickly. I'm working on two that are both almost to the quilting stage. Yea, finishes are in the future.


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