Wednesday, July 20, 2011


SOLD!  We have a ratified contract and everything is go… all we have to do now is empty the trailer and go to settlement. Apparently the buyers are in a hurry and we very well could go to settlement before the end of the month. That’s OK by me, one month’s less rent to pay.

This is a huge relief to all of us, although Mike and Kelly are a wee bit sad too. That was their first “home” together and their place at the beach. However I know the money they get will come in handy for the wedding and what comes after it.

The guys were concerned that we’d spent so much money fixing it up. If they had been paying rent on a two bedroom house it would have cost them a lot more. And if they had stayed here… their mother (aka me) would probably be living in a loony bin. I love them dearly, but love my peace and quiet even more.

And after settlement I get my new dishwasher, been without one since February, and I will get to replenish my quilting budget. I spent what I had at the beginning of the year, and have quite a few needing quilting, after a trip to Lancaster for backings that is!

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