Thursday, July 07, 2011

I thought I posted

Honest, I swear I posted something yesterday… but I guess it’s another one of those things I never got around to.  Or the day before apparently… Summer seems to be catching up with me and I’m getting blog lazy.  OK… I will admit it, I’m just plain getting lazy.

I’ve been sewing, working on another sample for the fall retreats.  All will be charity quilts I think, although maybe not all.  I might save a few for baby gifts. 

I’ve been reading.  I downloaded Fools Rush In by Janice Thompson for my Nook Reader and was hooked.  When I finished that one I downloaded the next one, and since it was available, the one after that too.  I love the style of writing, and am really enjoying the stories. 

I’ve been entertaining Mufasa Kitty… apparently it is a cool thing to play peek-a-boo when someone is sitting on the throne in the bathroom.   He will peek around the corner at me, then hide, then peek and when I stand up, he takes off like someone set a rocket on his back.  He really tickles my funny bone.  Although last night at 3AM I forgot about that game and he scared me half to death, good thing I had already sat, LOL! 

Lastly, I have been checking my retreat lists, making sure I will be ready when they roll around.  The first one is less than 100 days away and something had to be ordered to arrive in time.  I won’t say what, but they are ordered now! 

I’ll try to be a better blogger, but hey… it’s summer!

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