Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hot again

Do you remember way back when you were growing up being hot? Ever? I don’t. Summers were great fun for me and I don’t ever remember being hot.

When I was at “home” we had a nice yard with several huge willows which kept the yard cool. I can remember running around and having a great time, taking a drink from the hose when we got thirsty.

When I was at my old home, I would sit for hours and read, either inside or out. Cooling off there was a dip in the river, the Mullica River which flowed behind our house. It was very swift where I lived, but I could handle it. I use to love walking up the river through the woods, jumping in, and floating down to our back yard.

When I was at my Grandmother’s there was the ocean, always cooler than the air around me, and always refreshing. I spent millions of hours on the beach when I was growing up, and don’t ever remember being hot… there was instant cool waiting for me in the Atlantic.

I don’t think hot was ever an issue to me… wish it wasn’t now!

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  1. where did your grandmother live? believe it or not, it's 100 here also and not really cooler at the beach except in the water.


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