Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another cat quilt…

This cat has only been here a month now, and he’s already claimed two quilts for himself. I showed way back when he arrived how he’d try to claim the quilt chair… well I pulled the quilts I did not want him to sit on off that chair and left green green on there, and he loves it. I keep telling myself cat hair washes off, so he can have it for now.

Now he has claimed our sofa quilt as his play thing…. It is really quite funny to watch. The quit usually is on the back of the sofa, but since Mufasa’s arrival I’ve kept it on the arm of the sofa as a sort of protector. (That arm is the way to the window and the humming birds, so it needed protecting) Several times I came into the living room to find the quilt on the floor, and wasn’t exactly sure how it got there.

Over the weekend I found out….
By jumping on the arm of the sofa he’d discovered that quilt moved, so he helped it drape down more, and it became a great hiding place. He either hides from his toys so he can attack them, or he hides his toys in there and then attacks it. It is funny to walk into the living room and see the quilt twitching in attack mode.

I have a feeling one of these quilts will have to go home with Mufasa when he is finally reunited with his parents…. I just hope they will be ready for him.


  1. I enjoyed this post about Mufasa,and went back to check out the other posts. When he goes back to Mike, you may have to send him a little PILE of quilts to play with! Cats and quilts always seem to go together. There is a superstition that you cannot complete a quilt until a cat has walked on it (which usually is NOT a problem!).

  2. I love Mufasa - and your stories!
    Cats DO love to attack, don't they? My two kitties used to attack each other when either one came out of the laundry room after using the litter... they got so they would sit outside the room and howl BEFORE going to the litter cause they knew they were going to be jumped on the way out!


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