Monday, July 11, 2011

What a delightful day!

I was up early this morning for an 8:30 eye doctor’s appointment “down state”…. Well it’s down state to me so that’s what I call it. Because I am on the prednisone and because of the polymyalgia rheumatica they had to check the eyes carefully so I had to be dilated…. Of course it’s a bright sunny day out, which didn’t help matters either. Even sitting in the office ordering the new glasses was painful, and before long I had a raging headache. Thankfully I had some Tylenol in my purse and it was soon under control.

After the eye Doc I picked up a new fundraiser, and was thrilled to find out the retreat prizes had come in and would be ready while I was down there. And I had plans to stay down there a while, people to see and gabbing to be done. I picked up Denny at her summer place and we headed over to Joan’s where we had a great visit. Admittedly only Denny did any sewing, my eyes just weren’t up to it. And Joan was busy showing us all the projects she wanted to do.

Soon we got hungry so went out for a yummy lunch, then picked up the retreat prizes on the way to the newly opened brand new Serendipity Quilt Shop where I was lucky to run into a few friends. The shop is beautiful and it was packed with locals and tourists shopping.

All things must come to an end, and so did our adventure. Denny went back to her vacation and Joan was going to take a nap before work this evening, and I drove the leisurely drive back home via ocean drive with all the tourists. It was a long but purely delightful day!

Thanks to Denny and Joan for being such great friends!

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