Tuesday, April 02, 2013

$10 worth a million

I had an inner struggle today, having to do with money.  Did I spend what I considered a lot for something that had no value to me for something I said I would do?  Money is tight and I really thought I was being dim-witted in spending what I did. 

All the way home from my errand I was kicking myself for spending the money and then telling myself that I had done the right thing in spending it… back and forth, good and bad, arguing with myself over the money spent. 

And when I got home and checked email someone had made a $10 donation to my fundraising efforts…  and I felt like an idiot for even thinking of not spending what I did.  Many people have donated to my causes, why did I struggle so much to spend what I did.  In a way, I was paying it back and forward at the same time. 

That $10 donation was worth a million to me.  And a million thanks go to the special lady who made me aware that I owe a lot to so many and I should never hesitate to return the favor. 

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