Friday, April 05, 2013

Need to share

This morning while having my morning coffee and chatting with my friend Marge in Ark she asked me if I’d seen the latest Missouri Star video, I said no.  So she sent me a link to it.  Before I even had a chance to look at the video, another quilter sent me that same link and asked if I thought it would make a good mystery.  So I looked at the video, very interesting, and yes, it would make a great mystery.  BUT, before I could reply to either of those emails someone else sent me the SAME link. 

I think I will be making one myself, only as a charm quilt, each square different.  And I won’t be using charm packs either, but cutting squares from my stash… I have lots to cut from.  (I’m thinking Aunt Graces!) 

I doubt if I’ll use it as a mystery because I want to share it with all my quilt friends now… here’s the link so everyone can see it!

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