Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Errand Days

Both yesterday and today have been errand days, running here there and all over kingdom come.  But running is over for now, the car is going in the shop for its spring tune up or an oil change as some people call it.  And while the car is in the shop I’ll be getting ready for the retreat… beyond time to start getting ready so I’d better get a move on. 

I keep telling myself after 17 years I should do know what I need to do to get ready for each retreat.  And after 17 years and 43 retreats you would think I knew what all I needed to take with me.  But somehow I always manage to forget something, even if it’s not always critical.  At least I don’t forget my sewing machine cords like some people do, almost every year someone does, and knock-on-wood I never have…. But then again, I usually take a spare machine just incase!

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