Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"What did you do?"

Kathy wanted to know what I did at retreat.  Well… I took two bolts of flannel with me, all pre-washed and ready to be made into baby quilts for Bob’s Blankie Brigade.  I had good intentions, but had never worked with flannel before.  The whole conference room heard a lot of grumbling and whining from me as I made the first blanket, beginning to end, quilted and everything. 
The second one went a little smoother, as did the third and fourth.  I changed things up a bit on #5, but only because I wanted to add some design fun to it, and it looked pretty good.  And there wasn’t any grumbling at all, I think… they went much smoother as I went on.

And #6 and more are in the works too.  I have enough blocks cut for at least two more, possibly three. 

I did cheat a little in “using up the flannel”  I wrapped up two pieces for the Pollyanna exchange, which got a good laugh when that gift was opened. 

And by the way, I took three other projects with me, and … well… I brought them home too. 

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