Tuesday, April 23, 2013

NOT a good start

Ever had one of those days where you just want to crawl under a rock?  Today’s the day for me.  I got up this morning, made my coffee, took my pills and sat down to check email.  First email I opened was a notice from the bank that they had transferred over $2000 from one account to another to cover a withdrawal. 
Hold on one minute, heart in throat, we HAD over $7000 in that checking account and if you had to cover an additional $2000 plus that means someone took $9000 from our checking. 

Heart beating wildly, I went on line to check accounts.  On line banking confirmed the same, I had a zero balance in checking and less money in other accounts… something was way wrong somewhere… 
So I called, told story to this person, then to another and then another and then another.  Finally got to someone who could help me and solve the problem, I think… I hope!  All a big mistake, the banks, not ours.

But in the meantime I have $0.00 in my checking account, and the end of the month is right around the corner and that means two mortgage payments and miscellaneous other bills, who’s going to take care of them, and how many other overdraft charges will they charge me. 
Now my head is pounding too, and I have this sick feeling in my stomach, and I just want to scream….  I am assured that everything will be reversed and it will all be restored, but I better transfer money from my savings to checking just incase it takes longer than they anticipate… 

I let loose a good scream and tell the poor lady on the other end of the phone exactly what I was feeling and apologized to her for taking it out on her but I’d had it with that bank. 

Bank history, we opened an account at that bank back in 1976 when no one would accept out of state checks here at the beach.  The bank has been bought out so many times that I can’t even count them anymore and now this mega bank is there and this is not the first problem we’ve had with them.  Guess what, this is strike six… and if this problem is not taken care of before my auto bills are withdrawn from my checking I am moving every dime I have in that bank to somewhere else…

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