Sunday, April 07, 2013

Bags are packed

Bags are packed except my clothes, have to wait for laundry to finish.  Everything is in the car except for a few last minute things.  I always have last minute things.  I’ve checked my lists, both mental and in excel, and I think I have it all.  If I’ve forgotten anything I hope I can get up there. 

I keep trying to remember things that other people forget, and make sure I have mine… Thread, you would be surprised how many ladies have shown up without thread.  Parts to sewing machines, if I had a dollar for each part left behind I’d be rich… how can you forget your foot controller?  Better make sure I have mine.  Scissors, yes ladies come without scissors, but I always have a spare pair… better make sure. 

I supply some tools for everyone to use, rulers, rotary cutter, and when someone is flying in I even have a Featherweight for them to use.  I have three huge cutting mats, almost time to replace them, wonder if I can find them on sale this trip? 

Yep, I think I’m ready, almost. 

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