Thursday, April 18, 2013

Finding friends

I made two new friends at the retreat last week, Lisa and Kim, and finally got to meet in person a friend I’ve known for years on line, Peggy, which was delightful.  Retreats are my best way of making new friends, people I have lots in common with, people I can carry on conversations with too. 

I don’t know how most people go about finding new friends, but apparently that is a big deal on facebook. Most of my facebook friends are quilters, people I have things in common with. My facebook friends are people I can carry on a conversation with about things that we both care about, be it quilting, Relay, birds or a good book we just read. Some of my friends are family members, and they come with different kind of conversations.
It kind of cracks me up when I go into facebook and they “recommend friends”. Nine times out of ten, I haven’t a clue who the person is that they are recommending to be my friend. Sure Mr Smith is friends with Jane Doe who is my friend, but why do you think Mr Smith and I would be friends. Jane is a quilter and Mr Smith… well I don’t see anything at all on his page that leads me to believe I would want to be friends with him, either on facebook or in person.

Call me old fashioned, but I don’t want to be friends just so my “friends” number is higher than someone else.  I want real friends, even on facebook. 

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