Friday, May 17, 2013

More on Anonymous comments

This morning when I first opened email there were 23 anonymous comments to be moderated and in the hour and a half since I deleted them, 11 more have come in.  SO… in an effort to stop the robot that has latched on to my blog, I’m setting comments to registered users only for a short time. 

Now I know there are quite a few quilters who follow my blog who are anonymous commenters.  Most of you have started emailing your comments to me a long time ago anyway, and you know who you are…  But if you are anonymous or not a registered commenter, please send me an email.  My address is quiltersretreat  at, just take out the spaces. 

Your comments ARE important to me, they let me know what I’m doing wrong, or right, or even just let me know someone is reading my words.  THANKS for all of your comments.
Now…  I promise to get back to quilting soon, and quilting posts too! 

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Comments are once again moderated so that no one has to see the spam that some robot keeps trying to post. Your comments ARE important to me, and I will approve them as long as they aren’t smutty or trying to sell something. And if your ID is not accepted, send me an email, my address is on the sidebar.
Thanks for understanding