Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Nine more days

More reasons why I Relay
In memory of Marie Cooper, Dorothy Lubben, Butch the Biker Dude, Annie Jackson, Jack Williams, Georgie Jones, Faye Whyte, Helen Myers, Phyllis White, Mary K, Jane Bierce, Rudy Rudwick, JoAnne Braga , Sam, Letitia Siewertsen, Flo G

Jack Williams
Those aren’t just names, they are people who meant something to other people.  Jack was Dad to my dear friends Candy, Cindy and Dawn.  Dorothy was Mom to my friend Mary Ann.  Rudy was my friend Jane’s husband.  Sam was Deb’s friend, Letitia was Maia’s friend.
Butch Myers

Butch was a quilter friend, a tough nice guy who gave up smoking and took up quilting to keep his hands busy when he got lung cancer. 
Flo, Faye, Phyllis and Marie were all quilters, members of my local guild.  Marie was the life of the party, even after cancer attacked her so cruelly.  Georgie was also a quilter.  She sat by her husband’s bedside as cancer took him away, never knowing that she would soon be fighting as well. 

Jane "Fribble" Bierce
Mary K was the spunky leader of a Yahoo Group I belonged to, someone with a heart of gold.  Jane Bierce was another internet friend, but one I had the fortune of visiting in person several times in her little home in TN.  She was tiny and feisty and a joy to be around with a talent for writing romance novels as well as making beautiful quilts. 
JoAnne "Irishga" Braga
JoAnne was a quilter and a friend from my very first day on the internet.    She was a strong supporter of my Relay and a Relayer herself, up in Dawson City Yukon.  The strength she showed in her battle against cancer is something I will remember forever.

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